Month: February 2020

How to Stop an IRS Tax Levy


Of all the creditors or companies you might owe money to, the Internal Revenue Service can be the least forgiving about debt. If you don't pay your taxes, an IRS tax levy may be issued and they will take possession of your property, including cash accounts, wages, and real and personal property. The IRS will sell non-liquid assets to raise funds to satisfy the debt you owe.  If you’ve received a levy notice from the IRS, it’s time to ACT IMMEDIATELY. Our firm may be able to get your levy released the same day but you must call now for…


How Can I Pay Federal Taxes With Installments or Monthly Payments?


Every year, there are millions of taxpayers who find themselves unable to pay federal taxes in full to the IRS. The IRS knows there will be some taxpayers coming up short. The good news is the federal government is happy to work with you. The bad news is, they’re relentless in their collection of back taxes and if left unattended, they can levy your bank account, garnish your paycheck, or put a lien on your property to settle your tax bill. However, their cooperation comes at a price, called penalties and interest. Here are the steps you need to take…