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We Work with Individuals & Small Business

Our goal at Sebago Lakes Accounting is to take the burden out of your fiscal journey and help businesses save time and money. We focus on each client’s unique needs and financial situation to determine which of our services are most appropriate to help them achieve their financial goals.

We work to educate clients on the options available to them that will minimize their tax burden. Our tax planning and advisory services help business owners make the right financial decisions before a transaction takes place so they can avoid negative tax implications or penalties.

We guide clients through data gathering, preparation, and tax return filing to ensure completeness and compliance with the law, minimizing tax burden and stress. We’re here to save you time and money.

Individual Tax Preparation

  • Annual Tax Preparation
  • Real Estate & Investment Tax Advising
  • Tax Planning & Consultation
  • Tax Resolution
tax preparation
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Small Business Fiscal Management

Today’s tax laws are complex, and they change each year. Professional tax preparation is critical for your business because it will reduce your tax liability and prevent you from making any financial decisions that could result in tax penalties. You’re no tax expert, and your time would probably be served better developing your business. Professional accounting services will better support your business’ financial structure. By keeping all your accounts and finances well maintained, your business can grow effectively.

At Sebago Lakes Accounting, our mission is to help make tax preparation easier for each individual business with customized tax and accounting services that will help lead your business to success.

Tax Preperation

Our Business Accounting Services Include: